Who am I?


I am a soul and the name of my body is Roopali. In this birth, as a soul, I have carried forward many virtues but the original virtues were still to realised. To serve as a healer to mankind is my foremost goal of life now.  

Being frank, I hate monotonous things in life and therefore I have a wide range of experience both favourable and unfavourable life. Recently, I have emerged as a more powerful and enlightened soul which I feel was never possible without spirituality.

With the journey from being an extrovert to an introvert, I have dived into the most beautiful place of this world and that is within me. I have many experiences and my experiments with life to share that may help somebody out there in some way.

I love to learn science but equally love to do different things in art, sport, adventure, creativity and so on… My philosophy of life is not to become the slave of any particular habit(mostly that are not healthy) so I keep exploring new me and do as much possible things as I can… It keeps me alive.

Thanks for stopping by and taking out time to read about me and my posts. Please like and share my FB page as well by clicking on the link shown at the right down on each of my post page. Happy Reading 🙂



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  1. It’s nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog. You’ve intreasting outlook on life. I enjoyed your thoughts on the About page and the titles in your blog are fascinating. I’ll check back soon…look forward to hearing your thoughts.😊

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