Food Cooked By A Mother Is The Biggest Blessing To Her Child

Food is not about protein or carbs, it is more about the energy with which it is prepared. Are we concerned about only nutrition or power, love and purity? No one can cook food for our little ones or family with the love that we have. Restaurant Food/Junk Food can be dangerous for their health not only because it use chemicals but because it is prepared with the energy of profit making and greed. On the other hand food cooked by cooks also absorbs the energy of pain, fear and profit and we unknowingly pass that to our child and family.

Five Mistakes Of Modern Parents

There is a massive change in the society's lifestyle for the coming generations which sadly is not very good. in spite of doing what parent think is best for their child, today children are becoming less healthy, less happy and more stressed. It is a high time, we need to reflect back on our parenting style and thinking.

Parenting: Are We Getting a Raw Deal?

One of the best Article on Parenting differences of our parents time and our time. Read it, you will certainly agree with most of the things.


12711307_10206480078338131_5829653117437408897_oSummer 1974. I’m 9 years old. By 7:30 am, I’m up and out of the house, or if it’s Saturday I’m up and doing exactly what my father, Big Jerry, has told me to do. Might be raking, mowing, digging holes, or washing cars.

Summer 2016. I’m tiptoeing out of the house, on my way to work, in an effort not to wake my children who will undoubtedly sleep until 11 am. They may complete a couple of the chores I’ve left in a list on the kitchen counter for them, or they may eat stale Cheez-its that were left in their rooms 3 days ago, in order to avoid the kitchen at all costs and “not see” the list.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re getting a raw deal where this parenting gig is concerned. When did adults start caring whether or not their kids were safe, happy, or popular?…

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Let our children observe and enjoy what is natural to them.

Discussing and showing genital parts to kids has always been a taboo for the parents. We all need to understand that these parts are as natural as any other part of the body and there is nothing to be ashamed of. This will help our generations to not to be over-conscious during puberty and it will help them to remain as natural and comfortable as for other things in life.

A mum’s perspective

One fine afternoon, while feeding(lactating) my son( who is 27 months now) to help him to go to sleep, my friend's(who is also a mother) opinion flashed in my mind. She was in the favor of leaving the habit of lactation to kids as early as possible after their initial important Six months as once they... Continue Reading →

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