This Navratri: Emerge the virtues of nine goddesses​ within you.

Let’s once again invoke the powers within us

Empowering Soul

Navratri, in India, brings an environment of positivity, energy and enthusiasm among people. Due to climate change in nature & solar influence, the bodies and minds of people undergo a considerable change, the energy level of the body goes up and down.

If the energy level is up, positivity increases. On the result of it, the humans become dynamic, enthusiastic, creative & happier. When energy level is down, negativity increases. So all types of negativity like greed, jealousy, hatred develop in human’s body. At that time divine power on Ganesh Puja and Navratri must be thanked to maintain the correct balance of the Universe.

Navratri is celebrated in remembrance of Goddess Durga to celebrate her victory over Demon– Mahisasura. We dress up nicely, eat different food, some of us even keep long fasting, visit to see the effigy of Goddess Durga outside. In short, We celebrate Navratri from outside but…

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