Don’t Raise Your Kids To Have More Than You Had, Raise Them To Be More Than You Were

“It is easier to raise strong kids than repair broken adults”

This is a very important lesson for all parents who are very sensitive towards the physical comfort of their child. Today mostly parents are concerned for their child’s outer body strength, looks, education, gadget using skills or luxuries. But did we ever realize that their emotional stability is equally important?

“Parenting is overall health of your child- Physical and Mental”.

Today most of the parents are involved in raising kids with much better facilities than they had in their childhood. They want to give everything of this world to their child but ask yourself- Are we not making them emotionally weak?

We should give our children physical comfort but not make them dependent on it.

Today the class of modern children have learnt not to live without AC, gadgets, expensive toys, luxurious facilities, junk and packaged food keeping them away with the experience of real-life situations of the World.

Parents are often heard, saying that they want to raise their kids as prince and princess but we neglect the truth that these same prince and princess need to grow as a king and queen one day and therefore they will need to perform their duties with a peaceful and  stable mind. They will need to take care of their people, fight against all the adversities life will throw on them and  serve the society.

We want our children to take care of their profession and families in the future. Are we training our child for life? To effectively manage work and people at the same time, they need to discipline their mind.


In the older days, prince and princess of all kingdoms were sent to Gurukul where they use to learn to live under all adversities. They were taught to keep their emotions and intellect high so that in future they can become great kings or warriors.

Today’s advanced education system is making our kids so much dependent on luxuries that now Government has to run programs to include a period of happiness for them. We are running in two different directions. In one, we want to serve them everything on hand and in other, we wish for their struggle less life.

Dear Parents, please think about making your child emotionally stronger than making them comfort addicted, it will help them win in every situation of life.

More you will work to give more than you had to your child, higher will be their addictions and dependencies. Teach your child to live under all climatic conditions, without gadgets, let them handle their problems to the extent they can. Expand their horizon of emotions by making them learn to talk with others but not on just social media. Let them fall, let them get dirty, let them breathe the natural air. 

Take up the responsibility of feeding them without gadgets, show them how to handle stress and people, show them the real world. Body development should not only be the priority, awareness of emotional strength is equally important. Feeding food is a combination of mind and body to have a healthy body but if we keep on feeding them without their awareness and keep them busy on gadgets, it may make them physically strong but emotionally weak. Is that okay with you?

Do not do this just to avoid your hard work of few days. Raise your patience to change the wrongly acquired habits of your child. Ultimately, You will be responsible for the emotional weakness of your child in the future. Raise your kid to be emotionally stronger than you were.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Raise Your Kids To Have More Than You Had, Raise Them To Be More Than You Were

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  1. Agreed, it IS easier to raise strong kids than repair broken adults. By then, they have their own children and it becomes a mess emotionally and the ties that bind are fragile at best……. voice of experience here.

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