This Navratri: Emerge the virtues of nine goddesses​ within you.

Navratri, in India, brings an environment of positivity, energy and enthusiasm among people. Due to climate change in nature & solar influence, the bodies and minds of people undergo a considerable change, the energy level of the body goes up and down.

If the energy level is up, positivity increases. On the result of it, the humans become dynamic, enthusiastic, creative & happier. When energy level is down, negativity increases. So all types of negativity like greed, jealousy, hatred develop in human’s body. At that time divine power on Ganesh Puja and Navratri must be thanked to maintain the correct balance of the Universe.

Navratri is celebrated in remembrance of Goddess Durga to celebrate her victory over Demon– Mahisasura. We dress up nicely, eat different food, some of us even keep long fasting, visit to see the effigy of Goddess Durga outside. In short, We celebrate Navratri from outside but never look for those virtues within us.

We worship the divine power to bestow upon all of us enough potent powers to maintain our physical and mental balance but never try to find our image in those deities. Never thought of becoming like one of them.

This year celebrate Navratri differently, celebrate it inside out. Every Year Navratri comes to remind us, to tell us that- it is you who need to fight the battle inside yourself and become victorious over your vices.

There is no demon like Mahisasura in real

The real 10 demons(evils) that are referred over those 10 days(including Vijay Dashmi) are inside us.

  1. Kaam(Lust)
  2. Krodh(Anger)
  3. Lobh (Greed)
  4. Moh (Attachment)
  5. Ahankar (Ego)
  6. Darr (Fear)
  7. Irsha (Jealousy)
  8. Jadta (Inertia)
  9. Nafrat (Hate)
  10. Paschataap (Guilty)

These evils are accumulated over ages to become our inherited nature. Destroying them in one go can never be done. It needs a long conscious effort and patience over months but the first step is to take charge to change for the better.

First, We need to know- Why we need to win over these evils. Sarcastically, many people don’t even know that they have evils. “Enlightenment is a long process”. It starts with you and ends with you.

First Three Days of Navratri symbolizes “Fight against our vices”.

The Goddess Durga, also known as Kali symbolises destruction of all impurities which we call Demon. To win over our own vices is the greatest achievement of a person in his lifetime which comes after consistent efforts of days, months or even years. We all have a Durga inside us but we need to emerge her consciously to burn our vices.

Second Three Days symbolizes “Purity”.

Once we achieve victory over our vices and become pure, Lakshmi-the Goddess of wealth bestows us with the inexhaustible wealth that lasts over numerous births. Just as Lakshmi who Sit on the flower Lotus-the symbol of purity(which remain pure even when surrounded by impurities), we make ourselves pure too in this impure world, we are bestowed upon with eternal wealth.

Third Three Days symbolizes Knowledge of “Wisdom”.

The final set of three days is spent in worshiping the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati. She bestows with the knowledge of wisdom that is the key to a happy, blissful and peaceful life. When we seek knowledge of wisdom and apply it in our lives, gradually divinity emerges within us and we become powerful just as those Goddess.

Navratri signifies the struggle between the darkness and the light. Now is the time to help ourselves to create a peaceful world by taking powers from the supreme soul.

Rajyoga and meditation is the best way to connect with God, which helps to inculcate the powers of knowledge, peace, love, joy, happiness, bliss and contentment, and with these qualities transform the negativity which blocks our light and happiness.

37 thoughts on “This Navratri: Emerge the virtues of nine goddesses​ within you.

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  1. Di, how apt, absolute, scientific, terse & assimilative is this info.
    In reality, people should know the hidden quintessence along with ritual practices. And work on to revamp self & destroy evil residing within.
    I must share this with my friends.
    Thanks for sharing this knowledge.😊

    Liked by 1 person

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