Story- How Blessings has changed one corrupt man?

This post is continued with my last post- When everything around is hopeless, blessings can do magic. Here I am sharing a story how blessings can change people and surrounding? Once, there was a very successful architect, he wanted to open a hospital in his native village because it was his late father's wish. For... Continue Reading →

“When everything around is hopeless, blessings can do magic”

We have the power in our words and thoughts to either deplete or increase the energy of people around us. We have the power to empower other souls to help them change their weaknesses. We either bless people or curse them by the energy of our thoughts and words. Here, not talking about blessings which we give... Continue Reading →

Parenting: Are We Getting a Raw Deal?

One of the best Article on Parenting differences of our parents time and our time. Read it, you will certainly agree with most of the things.


12711307_10206480078338131_5829653117437408897_oSummer 1974. I’m 9 years old. By 7:30 am, I’m up and out of the house, or if it’s Saturday I’m up and doing exactly what my father, Big Jerry, has told me to do. Might be raking, mowing, digging holes, or washing cars.

Summer 2016. I’m tiptoeing out of the house, on my way to work, in an effort not to wake my children who will undoubtedly sleep until 11 am. They may complete a couple of the chores I’ve left in a list on the kitchen counter for them, or they may eat stale Cheez-its that were left in their rooms 3 days ago, in order to avoid the kitchen at all costs and “not see” the list.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re getting a raw deal where this parenting gig is concerned. When did adults start caring whether or not their kids were safe, happy, or popular?…

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