Does really God choose some to be rich and some to be poor?


I always used to wonder why so many people are so poor that they hardly feed themselves for their survival, on the other hand, there is a community of people who can’t even imagine what a poor go through and there are people in between these two lines.  

God has gifted me the quality to empathize with other people, because of which I used to become sad whenever I see them in pain. No matter how many of us come ahead to help them financially or with some other kind, there will always be many poor left unattended as they are numberless and that help is always temporary.

In fact, it is impossible for any Government to erase poverty completely. 

Nobody other than God has the power to do that but, why God differentiate in people? why some of us are so rich while others are so poor?  How God choose them and on what basis?

Fortunately, one day I received the answer to this question. God speaks to us when we take out time to sit only to remember him, to talk to him, then our questions are answered. He gives us knowledge through the various channels, we need to have a hunger for that knowledge. It is our responsibility to find out the right answers from the knowledge of wisdom in this world.

I am sharing this reason as It seems completely justified for GOD who is the father of all and is a perfectionist. A father of many children never differentiate between them and always do best for them, how can we think that God would ever do that?

In many holy books (we consider BHAGAVAD GITA as supreme) God has said, he never interferes with the karma(Hindi word of actions) of any human soul. A human being gets everything in his life as a result of his past good or bad karma(action). Money, family, spouse, good or bad luck, everything in one’s life is a result of his past or last birth karma. 

There are many holy books to guide us, they all say almost the same things to us. No matter what our religion is, no matter which country we belong to, Law of Karma is applied to each one of us. We create a karmic(person’s action) account in each birth and takes another birth to settle them(though some may settle in the same birth).

Our Past and present Karma decides what kind of fortune we’ll get next. A king who has always been cruel becomes a beggar in his next life, a beggar who has always blessed everyone with his thoughts and words becomes a big merchant in his next life.

Have you ever wondered why some kids are born with physical or mental problems while other born with all charm and prosperity? The karmic theory explains everything. I’ll post more things to explain it further 

Theory of Karmic account is very important to understand life. Though there are many people who don’t believe in the theory of rebirths. To them, I would say convince us with a better reason for our differences. Blaming God for it shows our irresponsibility as human souls.

Now whenever I see someone struggling with something that I cannot help, I give them blessings that they get the power to accept any odds in their lives and try to give them knowledge which helps them to settle their past karmic accounts.

The biggest help to someone on this earth is if we could help someone to get peace in their mind.

May all of us, enlighten ourselves with the wisdom of knowledge.

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  1. A convincing explanation, as far as I’m concerned. As a Christian, however, I personally believe that we can overcome the law of Karma (and, indeed, break the cycle of reincarnation) through our faith in Christ.


  2. We all souls are the child of one and only one father, you call him christ, while other call him with some another name. No matter what your religion is, Law of Karma is applied to all because God has made that and God is one. I’ll post more on it very soon, please read it, may be it will give you a new perspective. 🙂
    Thanks for your comment and Following.

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  3. I further wonder, does good karma make us rich? who had better karma in previous birth? the one who is rich and is atheist or the one who is lucky to worship the god and yet is poor?

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  4. Most of we human souls are very selfish, they remember God only when they are lacking in something, we forget him in our good times or atleast doesn’t him miss him much. Anyone’s life going easy and happy is a sign of his good karmas in previous life, A rich man must have donated a lot of money in his previous life to help others but richness doesn;’t guarantee happiness in every phase of life. A rich might be suffering from any chronic disease or may be unable to get a child because he might have done something not very good with someone. But on the other hand, a poor may not have money but have a healthy and love full life. So the theory of Karmic account is very subtle to understand. Sometimes a soul when doesn’t take a body even after doing all good, choose a poor family so that it can come closer to God. Ultimately, very fewer people knows but to become like God is our final destination and aim of life for which we keep on taking birth after birth.
    Thanks for your time and asking this question. Also thanks for following me. 🙂

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  5. I wanted to leave a quick thoughts to express that your weblog was nice. I ran across it on the search engines seek after experiencing a great deal of other information which had been not really related. I believed I might come across this much before thinking about how great the content is.


  6. I believe in Karma. trust me I have seen many things changed over night. Everything is driven by Karma of course. Thanks for such informative post.

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  7. As we all know that quote, as you sow so shall you reap. It’s all about our karma that you get accordingly in your life. Thats why everyone says do good and good will return. Karma actually plays an important part in our life. What we did in our previous life is really matters in this present life.

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