“The Last day of my life”


Reminded my authority to a junior,

when he was confused

as my instructions were not clear.

My position in the company was giving me delight,

I ignored everyone

and was proud that my career flight.

One fine morning, I was tired like hell,

so decided to take a nap to feel little well.

During the nap, I got an insight,

this is going to be the last day of my life.

Something made me believe that vision,

I rushed to my family,

left all things aside with that bloody position.

All knowledge learned about

good and bad karma(doings) flooded as

snapshots in my mind,

so I decided to apologize

and talk to everyone whom I left behind. 

In the race of life, I made all those choice,

which has no relevance and meaning

on the last day of my life.

Love, peace, kindness and bliss,

I have never thought about,

could have been my highest treasure

but have always lived without.

I made no significant contribution to humanity,

all my life was dedicated to earn more

and spend little for charity.

Now, life seems meaningless

as there is no significant achievement as a whole,

much done for the body but nothing for the soul.

I was born and now dying burdened

with ego, lust, anger and greed of my role

I could have been lighter if followed a better goal.


16 thoughts on ““The Last day of my life”

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. In this worldly life, we simply leave behind so many things, even more particularly- humanity, as you’ve rightly mentioned. And the end of life, we realize that something is still missing. And that something is all those blissful memories, emotions, relations that we leave way behind merely for money and glory. The imagination that you were to live last day of your life and the message are the prime highlights of this poem. I enjoyed it. Keep posting!

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  2. Hi Roopali. I almost had a déjà vu reading your poem because it reminded me of a poem of mine exactly around this idea! It is such a joy to come across writers who think alike yourself, so I am really glad I came across this 🙂

    P.S. In case you want to take a look at my poem, I am attaching the link to my original hindi poem and its translation below:



    Hope you have a great day 🙂

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